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For 20 years I suffered a serious drinking problem but was reluctant to seek help. Ironically, I was recognized as a proficient researcher, able to help others with their medical problems. I worked closely with doctors, some of whom were close friends. But I still felt the need to deal with my own problem privately. Then after years of study and a number of remarkable events, I developed a program that completely turned my life around. A recovery program that incorporates medication (Topamax, Campral or other meds as they become available); supplements including amino acids, vitamins, and the powerful anti-craving herb kudzu; a highly customized hypnotherapy program; and light exercise. It's done privately in your home with free support and mentoring on our incredible web based discussion board. The program works quickly and effectively to put you on the road to recovery.

My Way Out has captured the attention of both the medical community and the media. It's been covered in The Wall Street Journal and Newsweek Magazine among others. The reason? It works.

I invite you to join us on this exciting journey, whether you choose to quit drinking completely or moderate your consumption--it's all up to you.
Hundreds of MWO members have joined our free community, with thousands visiting daily to post messages of support. There's something for everyone here, newbies and veterans alike. No more stigma, no more shame--just arms all around. Haven't found your answers in other programs? Stop by and find out why this is the Internet's number one choice in alternative online support.
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My Way Out is the first program of its kind, tackling your craving from every possible angle. Find the book outlining the program, the hypnotherapy CDs and now: all the nutritional supplements you need! Customer-driven, we finally agreed it's time to create a convenient and specialized MWO brand. The response has been terrific!
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Medical director of the My Way Out program, Dr. Linda Garcia, MD, has provided care and counseling to patients in her local practice and individuals all over the world. She's the leading authority of MWO, but advises patients to seek treatment with their family providers because the program is very easy to administer. Help can be found at home!
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This information is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. Please seek the guidance of a qualified health care provider when starting the My Way Out Program. More...
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