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Dr. Linda Garcia, MD
Medical Director, My Way Out program

"We now have an opportunity to reach out to individuals and offer them tools to achieve a desired level of drinking or abstinence, and to help them be successful in the process."

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Dr. Garcia shares information.

Listen to Dr. Garcia talk about the My Way Out program during a radio interview with nationally syndicated host Michael Dresser. Length: approximately 30 minutes.

Hear Dr. Garcia describe how patients respond to the My Way Out program. Length: approximately one minute.
Newspapers, Magazine & Other Articles

Dr. Garcia Interviewed in June 13, 2005 Newsweek Magazine for Innovative Treatment of Alcoholics

Dr. Garcia addresses plight of hidden drinkers in August 23, 2005 PRWeb article

New therapy helps problem drinkers; Dr. Garcia describes how it works for her patients

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Dr. Garcia has answered questions about the My Way Out program from individuals all over the world. It's here on her online forum "Ask Dr. Garcia".

Dr. Garcia strongly encourages visitors to review research linked from the My Way Out discussion board.
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