New Treatments & Medications Supplements & Herbals
Dr. Linda Garcia Quoted in Newsweek Magazine for Her Innovative Approach in Treating Disease of Alcoholism Treatment
June 13, 2005 NewsweeK: New Hope for Addicts?
Drug to curb smoking also cuts alcohol dependence
Can Alcoholism Be Treated?
Can Campral Cure Alcohol Abuse?
Kudzu Extract Reduces Alcohol Consumption by Heavy Drinkers
Detailed kudzu study in 2005 Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research journal
Amino Acid and other Nutrition Strategies for Substance Abuse
Your Mood May Depend on the Breakfast You Eat
Nutrition Builds Path To Recovery From Addictions
Exercise, Hypnotherapy & Lifestyle Other Information of Interest
Music for Mood and Brainpower
EFT, NLP, and Hypnosis
Using EFT for Addiction and Substance Abuse
Zen Meditation to beat addiction
Starting Your Own Walking Program
Alcohol withdrawal sydrome
Binge Drinking Causes Rapid Damage
British Livers and British Alcohol Policy
Find a Therapist Supporting Moderation Management
New Treatments & Medications Continued
Baclofen to eliminate cravings
Old Drug A New Solution For Alcoholism
Effect of the combination of naltrexone and acamprosate on alcohol intake in mice
Naltrexone News Articles
January/February edition of "Alcohol and Health"
Acupuncture & auriculotherapy: valuable natural treatment modalities for addiction
What Is Craving? Models and Implications for Treatment - alcohol craving
Study: Treatment, Alcoholics Anonymous Work Best Together
Results of Seven European Trials on Efficacy of Campral (PDF)
Woman Finds Success with Topamax in Clinical Trial
MSNBC: New Drugs Promise Treatment for Alcoholics
Business Week: Can Alcoholism be Treated?
Slow Release Alcoholism Drug Expected Next Year
Accupuncture in Treating Addiction
What is (Ear) Auricular Acupuncture?
Abstract Regarding Successful Use of Auricular Acupuncture to Treat Alcohol Dependence
Hallucinogenic Drug for Alcoholism Treatment?
Safety and Efficacy of Medication GVG in treatment of Meth and Cocaine Addiction (PDF)
Treatments for Alcoholism: A Review of What Works
Full Prescribing Information for Campral (PDF)
Full Prescribing Information for Topamax
Dr. Bankole Johnson to begin second study on epilepsy drug effect on alcoholism recovery
Rimonabant (Acomplia) Fights Obesity, Smoking, Drugs and Alcohol
Wall Street Journal Article: Fighting Alcoholism with a Pill
Combining naltrexone and acamprosate in treating alcoholism
Most serious side effects of Topamax
"Confrontational Intervention" an ineffective strategy
Topamax Effective in Curbing Both Smoking and Alcohol Use
Medical Net: Topiramate Helps Patients with Alcohol Dependence
Difficult to determine which alcohol dependent individuals can return to controlled drinking
Utilizing Unconscious Abilities in Therapy: Subliminal Therapy
Scientists enthusiastic about Acomplia, new experimental medication
Ability of Baclofen in Reducing Alcohol Craving and Intake: II-Preliminary Clinical Evidence
Abstracts Including Auricular Therapy (Ear Acupuncture) in Treating Addiction
Medical Net: Topiramate Helps Patients with Alcohol Dependence
Topamax Effective in Curbing Both Smoking and Alcohol Use
Ondansetron May Reduce Craving for Alcohol
Lancet Study, May 2002: Oral topiramate for treatment of alcohol dependence: a randomized controlled trial (PDF)
Campral a New Treatment to Treat Alcoholism
Newsweek International December 6, 2004 Story: The Addict's Brain
Prescribing information about Topamax
Two standard treatment protocols: cognitive therapy and AA
The Moderation Management Program
Topiramate: a Potential New Medication for Treating Alcoholism
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Supplements & Herbals Continued
Food and Your Moods
ALL ONE Nutritional Powder as Part of MWO Program
Alcohol Abuse Affects Metabolism and Levels of Amino Acids
Alcoholism's Leaky Gut Syndrome
Nutritional Tips for Mothers To Be, Pregnant.or Breastfeeding Women
Niacin Therapy as Used by Bill Wilson of AA
Nutrition Therapy for Natural Healing and Recovery
SAMe May Help Treat Alcohol Disease
Alcohol Abuse-Which Supplements Help
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Exercise, Hypnotherapy & Lifestyle Continued
Hot Yoga: An Overview
Hypnosis and hypnotherapy: a patient's guide
Drugs, sex, alcohol and estrogen
Addressing Alcoholism with Diet and Nutrition
Psychology Today: How to Quit the Holistic Way
Self-Hypnosis Prevents Relapse in Drinkers/Drug Users
Quick Tips for Healthy Lifestyle Changes
An Exercise Primer
Alcohol and Diet
Acupressure and Hypnotherapy to Treat addiction
Women Who Drink Consume More Calories, Fat
High protein foods and nutrition boost brain
Alcohol and Nutrition, Info from the NIAAA
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Other Information of Interest Continued
Neuroanatomy and Physiology of the ?Brain Reward System? in Substance Abuse
11 Steps to a Better Brain
US Department of Health Substance Abuse Treatment Locator
Health crisis for Scottish for women who drink
Korea World's Fourth Biggest Drinkers
Approaching Avoidance: Essential in Understanding Craving
UK Government's partnership with drinks industry bad news for alcoholics
New Zealand Herald: Dopamine's Connection to Addiction
Australian Government Alcohol Links and Resources
Harm Reduction and its Application to Substance Use Issues
What your Doctors Sees: A Clinician's Guide for Helping Patients Who Drink Too Much (PDF)
Alcoholism Four Times More Likely for Those who Start Drinking Before 15
University and research links recommended by the American Society of Addiction Medicine
Do I Have a Drinking Problem?
New Brain Cells Develop During Alcohol Abstinence
Brain "Exercise" Could be Key to Recover
Teenage Alcoholism
Handbook of Clinical Alcoholism Treatment by Bankole A. Johnson, et al
A New Approach to Treating Alcoholism
Alcohol's Benefits and Risks
Old Battles: The Controlled Drinking Debate The Genetic Link to Alcoholism
New research shows brain may recover and heal from drinking damage
Drinking and Smoking go Hand in Hand with Anxiety
National Institute of Health National Institute on Alcohol and Alcoholism (NIAAA)
Stages of Alcoholism
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